Enterprises increasingly need to record and monitor voice and messaging interactions to comply with industry regulations, monitor quality, manage risk and increase team performance and productivity.
To meet this nascent needs, BoomeRing enable mobile carriers to expand their infrastructure and provide end-to-end cloud-based recording services for fixed-line and mobile interactions. Carriers can now allow organizations to capture, store and retrieve securely the content of all mobile and fixed-line voice calls as well as the capture of SMS and chat on any device, over any network, anywhere, at any time.

BoomeRing cloud-based recording option is based on market leading recording providers (such as NICE) to provide:
  • Web-based administration console for instant search and playback (Multi-Tenant).
  • Unified policy management and data retention in-line with the regulation requirements.
  • Single point of recording for office and mobile agents.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Encryption of audio and data in transit (HTTPS) and at rest (RSA).
  • Call transcription and analytics.
  • Fraud analysis.
  • Quality monitoring.
  • Multi lingual user interface.

  • BoomeRing enable tier-1 mobile carriers to expand their infrastructure and provide cloud-based mobile recording services for voice and SMS interactions on any device, over any network, anywhere, at any time.
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  • With BoomeRing carriers are able to provide cloud-based recording services for fixed-line communications with unrivalled flexibility and security. Every interaction with the organization is transparently and painlessly recorded and stored in the carrier private Cloud, no matter where the organization is based or what size it is, or whether its telephony system is legacy, hybrid or fully IP-based.
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About BoomeRing

BoomeRing is a private fast-growing software company with over 14 years of product development experience. The company began operations at 2001 by developing converged communication and mobility solutions for telecoms and enterprises worldwide, and offer seamless integration of mobile, VoIP and wired communications which enhance productivity and maximize profitability.

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