Mobile Recording Compliance

BoomeRing enable tier-1 mobile carriers to provide end-to-end mobile recording compliance value-added services for voice and SMS interactions in compliance with the newest mobile recording regulation in the financial services industry worldwide. Carriers can now expand their infrastructure and allow their end-customers to record mobile interactions by leveraging their existing On-premise recording platform, resulting in a significant cost savings.

BoomeRing’s Mobile Recording Compliance solution offers:


BoomeRing provides a network-based solution that works on any device and is app-free to assure 100% compliance.




Provide end-customers with single point recording (in-house) and sole access to the stored information (store, retrieval, delete) and meet financial institutions strict security requirements.


Support personal private list so that private calls and SMS texts are not recorded.




Zero change in user experience

BoomeRing mobile call recording is done on-network so there is no delay in call set up or call answering, it captures calls without any dependency on the device or user intervention. Users remain with their existing telephone number and there is no need for SIM swaps.


Real time

Fully supports real-time media streaming (SIPREC protocol based) to multiple recorders in multiple locations without impacting live sessions and enable unified recording environment, policies and standards around the communication data for mobile and fixed-line communications.


Cloud-based mobile recording option

For businesses that want flexible access to recordings from one centralized location, BoomeRing supports the option to securely store recorded calls and SMS in the carrier private cloud. BoomeRing cloud-based recording option is based on market leading recording providers (such as NICE).

Global recording support

BoomeRing solution allows end-users to remain compliant while traveling across the world.



Cost effectiveness

Leverage end-customer existing On-premise recording platform and online applications (such as analytics and fraud), resulting in a significant cost savings.

Rapid time to market

Provide clear and established end-to-end industry leading solution integrated with the mobile carrier network.



The financial services industry is regulated globally and is forced to record business calls made over fixed lines. Lately, new legislation came into force covering also Mobile, and require financial services firms conducting regulated activities (such as trading, trade swaps, and investment management) to record all employee business mobile voice calls, voicemails, SMS and e-mail communications. Mobile Recording regulations are already enforced in the Nordic countries, UK (FCA), USA (Dodd-Frank), Switzerland (FINMA Circular), Australia (FoFA), Japan (Japanese FSA) and will be enforced all over the EU countries till 2017 (MIFID-2). In addition, enterprises increasingly rely on mobile communication devices and are requiring recording services on a daily basis (e.g. in the finance/health/insurance/public-safety/government sectors). As work is no longer confined to the office, employee and customer interactions are therefore no longer limited to fixed-line telephone systems. They take place anywhere, on any device and across any channel. Organizations need to capture securely the content of all these mobile interactions and to do so with compliance and transparency
The New Generation of Mobile Recording Compliance

The new regulations in the financial services industry and the requirement for Mobile Recording Compliance brings new challenges to the mobile carriers. BoomeRing has identified this nascent high growth market needs and deliver comprehensive end-to-end solution that meets these requirements. We enable mobile carriers to provide comprehensive value-added services to end-customers either as a full managed recording service (rely on a private cloud-based recorder) or by leveraging the end-customer’s existing On-premise reordering platform. BoomeRing Patent pending, Telco-grade, product based solution is designed to help mobile carriers to comply with the new legal framework in the financial services sector and meet all end-customer’s requirements. The solution is fully compliant and enables organizations to record on a real-time basis, all mobile interactions including voice calls, voicemails and SMS messages without the complexity and risks.

Our implementation is taking into consideration:

  • Real-time recording (needs to support real time analytics and fraud applications).
  • Data security.
  • Privacy aspects.
  • End-users’ satisfaction (Usability).
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Consistency with existing Wireline systems.
  • Global support.
  • Device agnostic and optional carrier-agnostic.

BoomeRing has created a powerful Eco-system based on a solid partnership with market leaders in software and services for carriers (such as Amdocs) and leading recording providers (such as Nice).
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BoomeRing is a private fast-growing software company with over 14 years of product development experience. The company began operations at 2001 by developing converged communication and mobility solutions for telecoms and enterprises worldwide, and offer seamless integration of mobile, VoIP and wired communications which enhance productivity and maximize profitability.

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