In the last decade due to the Cellular Revolution the majority of the organizations voice traffic has drifted to the cellular networks. Basic PBX functionalities are not applicable anymore for mobile users including: mid-call features, recording, least cost routing (LCR), IP-based communication services, real-time reporting and billing, affordable voice connectivity within the organization and more. In addition, as enterprise communication spending is soaring especially while roaming, cost control and savings is becoming more important.

To fulfill these requirements the implementation of integrating mobile phones into the corporate communication infrastructure must:
Allow similar set of call handling features both on fixed-line and mobile.
Support both wire and mobile recording.
Not require any change in end-user behavior.
Consider security.
Enable control and savings of communication costs.
Provide a superior return on investment (ROI) with a payback on investment of 3-6 months.
The trends in the communication industry of integrating the mobile phone into the enterprise communication infrastructure have opened business opportunities with the following organizations types:
Telecoms, VoIP Providers, Carriers and ITSPs will be able to offer new services with enhanced functionality for communication. In addition will provide low-cost roaming and international calling for mobile users, thus increasing their traffic volume and revenues.
Financial service institutions which are regulated in many countries and are forced to record all business communications not only made over fixed lines but also made over mobile including Calls, SMS texts and e-mails.
Enterprises and their employees, increasingly rely on mobile communication devices, and require mobile Voice, SMS and e-mail recording services to carry out day-to-day business. For example, doctors require recording out-of-hours calls with patients, sales staff require to record verbal orders whilst on the road etc.
Enterprises need to integrate mobile phones into the enterprise communication infrastructure adding PBX features to mobile users and increased productivity.
PBX manufacturers need to empower the PBX importance as the core of the organization telecommunication infrastructure. This will provide enhanced revenue streams and allow the vendor to retain their enterprise customers.
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