BoomeRing enable tier-1 carriers to expand their infrastructure and provide cloud-based recording services for fixed-line calls with unrivalled flexibility and security, resulting in a significant cost savings. Every interaction with the organization is transparently and painlessly recorded by the network operator on behalf of the enterprise, no matter where the organization is based or what size it is, or whether its telephony system is legacy, hybrid or fully IP-based.

BoomeRing’s cloud-based fixed-line recording solution offers:

Cost effectiveness

Enterprises immediately benefit from fixed-line calls and PC screen content being recorded and stored in one centralized location without having to worry about capex, long lead time, complex installation or hardware required, resulting in simplicity and significant cost savings.

Centralized deployment

The ultimate solution for capturing fixed-line communications from different locations and geographies.

Simple connectivity

BoomeRing cloud-based call recording platform quickly integrates to any existing on-site telephony system or contact center, no matter where the organization is based or what size it is.

Real time

Fully supports real-time media streaming (SIPREC protocol based) to the carrier cloud-based recorder without impacting live sessions and power real-time applications such as analytics and fraud for a significant business impact.


Support personal and public private lists so that private calls are not recorded.

Rapid time to market

Clear and established end-to-end industry leading solution integrated with the carrier network and based on private-cloud recorder provided by market leading recording vendors (such as NICE).

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About BoomeRing

BoomeRing is a private fast-growing software company with over 14 years of product development experience. The company began operations at 2001 by developing converged communication and mobility solutions for telecoms and enterprises worldwide, and offer seamless integration of mobile, VoIP and wired communications which enhance productivity and maximize profitability.

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