The CLIENT+ Provisioning Server (CPS) is a comprehensive solution enabling efficient distribution, provisioning and management of the BoomeRing soft clients. Using the CPS, clients can be easily and securely pre-configured, distributed via email or SMS, activated using activation codes, updated on the fly and much more. The CPS deployment is cloud based.
Security issues are no longer a concern for service providers as the CPS binds the clients to specific users based on activation codes allowing simple user identification and preventing fraud.
The soft clients are distributed using Email and SMS, Stores such as Apple Store, Windows Phone Marketplace etc. The process assures the distribution of pre-configured clients to new subscribers that would have nothing to do other than install and start using the client with no further configuration needed.
The BoomeRing CLIENT+ soft clients are pre-configured and re-configured by the CPS over secured https (SSL) connection.
The CPS enables our distributors & customers to manage their own account using our web interface & to self-provision the soft clients independently.
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About BoomeRing

BoomeRing is a private fast-growing software company with over 14 years of product development experience. The company began operations at 2001 by developing converged communication and mobility solutions for telecoms and enterprises worldwide, and offer seamless integration of mobile, VoIP and wired communications which enhance productivity and maximize profitability.

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